nice things

a collection of lovely vectors

Thank you for over 10,000 downloads!

Unfortunately, due to upcoming EU regulations I can't continue to sell/ give away Nice Things.

Aerosol Can American Football American Mailbox Anchor Angle Poise Lamp Battery Bell Bicycle Horn Bike Birthday Cake Boom Box Bottle Opener Frying Pan and Breakfast British Small Car Cafetiere Calendar Camera Casette Tape Certificate Champagne Cherries Chess Knight Clipboard Compass Computer Mouse Crown Cutlery Dependable Phone Director's Board Disposable Coffee Doughnut Emerald Ring Envelope Famous Beans Fancy Glasses Fashionable MP3 Player Fire Extinguisher Flat Screen TV Floppy Disk Flower Vase Folded Map Fruit Computer - 3 Fruit Computer - 2 Fruit Keyboard Fruit Laptop Fruit Phone Games Console - 1 Games Console - 2 Games Controller - 1 Games Controller - 2 Games Controller - 3 German Calculator German Car German Radio Globe Guitar Headphones Hot Air Balloon Hot Dog Ice Cream Lamp Post Life Preserver Light Switch Lightbulb Magnifying Glass Matroyshka Doll Multi Knife Noodle Bowl Notebook Old Camcorder Old Key Old Telephone Old Telly Orange Juice Padlock Palette and Brush Paper Clip Pencil Personal Stereo Picture Frame Pint of Beer Pipe Plane Plastic Brick Man Pocket Watch Police Badge Postbox Record Player Red Sauce Roller Skate Rubber Ducky Sand Timer Scarf Scissors Scooter Pencil Sharpener Sketch Toy Sofa Spade Speaker Sponge Stapler Starship Steel-toed Boot Stewpot Sugary Drink Suitcase Sunglasses Swiss Clock Tea Cup Tea Pot Tennis Ball Thermometer Tin Soldier Top Hat Toy Keyboard Toy Robot Traffic Cone Traffic Light Trumpet Two Tone Shoe Umbrella Unicycle VHS Tape Watch Wine Glass Wooly Hat Yacht